Willoughby Hills carjacking leaves the victim with gunshot wound in his leg

Updated: Jan. 14, 2021 at 6:38 PM EST
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WILLOUGHBY HILLS, Ohio (WOIO) - Hundreds of people living in a Willoughby Hills high rise have to be more alert now that a fellow resident was carjacked.

It was just after dark when a man was approached, beaten, shot, and had his car taken at gunpoint.

The man was minding his own business when a couple of men up to no good decided to take his car.

Fortunately, the shooter only shot the victim in his leg.

“I was in my living room. I heard a couple of shots,” said Anthony Jones, who lives several stories up in the Willoughby Hills Towers on Chardon Road.

“Me and my son looked out on the porch,” said Jones. “I seen the young fellow fall on to the ground screaming for help.”

“I decided to call the authorities to get an ambulance over here because he seemed like he needed some assistance,” he added.

Willoughby Hills Police say the victim was actually a 65-year-old man simply standing by his car around 7:30 Wednesday night.

Two men drove up in a newer model, red pick-truck.

One pulled a semi-automatic handgun and shot the man. That shooter then jumped in the victim’s black, 2010 Ford Fusion as he lay in the parking lot bleeding and sped away.

“Right when I heard the shots it was maybe a 30-second delay before the second shot. When I came outside on the porch I saw the guy leaning I saw another car fleeing the parking lot actually hitting another car in the parking lot,” said Jones.

Jones, a father of four, three sons, and a daughter says his family feels less safe now.

“There are kids walking through this parking lot constantly. People going to and from work. You don’t want to be susceptible to gunfire in your own home. That’s not acceptable,” he said.

Willoughby Hills Police are investigating and they need your help. If you know anything or spot the 2010 Ford Fusion with front-end damage they want to hear from you.

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