Brewster Police Department using new restraint device that wraps up suspects

Police department uses new restraint device

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Bolawrap looks like something out of a Batman movie.

The $900 device shoots out an eight foot tether that wraps around a person and prevents him or her from moving.

The Bolawrap may look like a toy, but it’s not, it’s designed to capture a suspect without injuring that person.

“We don’t have to resort to force... we’re just trying to get the individual the help they need no matter what kind of help we’re summoned there for,” said Chief Keith Creter, Brewster Police Department

Chief Creter says he hopes by using the Bolawrap, it will cut down on his officers having to use deadly force when pursuing a suspect.

“If we could use it on one, two, three individuals, we’re doing something,” said Chief Creter.

As we all know police departments across the country have been scrutinized for killing unarmed suspects.

Think back to the case of George Floyd in Minneapolis which sparked protests in nearly every U.S. city last summer.

“Usually when you go force on force, it escalates, and we want to deescalate. The first three minutes on a call is critical.. with the Bolawrap, it keeps us at a distance 10 or 20 feet... once it’s deployed officers can come and swoop in,” Chief Creter added.

Cheif Creter says Bolawrap is not the end all be all when it comes to restraining suspects, it’s just another tool his officers can use while doing their jobs.

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