Cuyahoga County Board of Health will delay the start of phase 1B of vaccination program

There are, however, 90 providers in Cuyahoga County who will still be providing vaccinations for those who have registered for phase 1B.

Cuyahoga County officials discuss vaccine rollout

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -The Cuyahoga County Board of Health announced that there there is still too much work to be done with phase 1A of the vaccination roll out to move forward to phase 1B, so the county is going to delay phase 1B until they make progress with those who are eligible but have not been vaccinated.

Board Director Terry Allan said there are about 10,000 people, including first responders, the developmentally disabled, those in assisted living, and in substance abuse programs who have not yet received the vaccine.

Allan said the county does not want to leave them behind.

“We’re going to hold off and in receiving the 1B vaccine until we make a bigger dent in the 1A process, but we’ll be working very closely with our providers and our partners across the community,” Allan said, ‘We think it just makes good sense to finish the job with 1A.”

There is an important distinction to made here in that there are about 90 providers in Cuyahoga County, including health care providers and pharmacies, who are still going to move into phase 1B. View a list here.

So if you qualify in phase 1B, as 80 years old or older, and have registered with your health care provider or your pharmacy, you are still on track, allowing for the availability of the vaccine to your provider to receive your vaccination.

“So, as a county, as a county community of providers, and not one entity, but many entities serving, it makes sense that we try to take a practical approach to address 1A and 1B and what makes strategic sense for the near term,” Allan said.

The county, Allan said, will take a measured approach regarding a pivot into phase 1B.

“We’re considering what the appropriate timeline will be,” he said, “There may be an opportunity going forward to integrate 1A and 1B in some way that makes sense.”

Allan also said that the County stay at home advisory has been extended to Jan. 31.

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