Non-profit resolves COVID-19 rental assistance application delay for Cleveland landlord

CNH Housing Partners identify mistake and are processing funds for a Cleveland landlord after 19 New Troubleshooter gets involved

CHN Partners COVID-19 relief package

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - After nearly two months of wondering whether or not she would ever get the $2,000 dollars in COVID-19 financial relief, a Cleveland landlord is now happy.

Pamela Coleman reached out to the 19 News Troubleshooter unit earlier this month because she felt she was not getting anywhere with the CNH Housing Partners, an organization that processes COVID-19 relief applications for landlords and tenants affected by the pandemic, after filling out an application.

Coleman said she applied along with her tenant for assistance, but the help never materialized. That’s when she called her favorite television news station.

“If it wasn’t for 19 News, I don’t know what I would have done,” said Coleman. “I got a phone call shortly after my story was broadcast and just like that all the stars started to line up. The nice people at CHN told me I can expect my money sometime next week.”

Kate Carden of the CHN provided an explanation for the approved payment delay.

“The landlord signed where the tenant was supposed to sign and that delayed the process,” said Carden.

Because of the growing cases of COVID-19, her staff is overwhelmed with requests for assistance.

“It’s been huge, we have received close to 13,000 applications,” said Carden.

While landlord Pamela Coleman is relieved to know her money is coming; she notes that the time it took for everything to get in place was stressful.

She worried that she may have been scammed because she gave out so much of her information.

“People can say what they want, but when you don’t hear from someone…what are you to think?” asked Coleman. “I thought I was scammed, ask my information was out there.”

For more than 40 years, CHN Housing Partners has been or the front-lines of helping communities in need through their financial outreach and crisis.

Although this mix-up was caused by a small error the organization works to be diligent with federal dollars as a not-for-profit organization. They plan to continue striving for excellence each day.

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