Northeast Ohio COVID-19 vaccine providers continue to work through the process of phase 1B

The registration process continues as providers wait for shipments of the vaccine.

Meijer registering customers for vaccine

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - As the pandemic drags on so does the wait for the vaccination program to ramp up as local providers are working continue to work through the registration process in hopes of seeing the vaccine arrive soon.

At Discount Drug Mart Jason Briscoe, the director of pharmacy operations, has been encouraged about the level of communication he has had with state officials.

Briscoe says it is critical that all older adults register for the vaccine as he expects the process to find its rhythm very soon.

You can register for the vaccination at or you can register simply by going to your local Discount Drug Mart pharmacy.

Drug Mart expects to receive their first supply of the vaccine on Tuesday, and then will start scheduling appointments, hopefully, Briscoe said, for next weekend.

“Everyone will get their feet underneath them quickly, but some of the actions that we have to take are outside of what we normally do with vaccinating patients,” Briscoe said. “It will become second nature, but until then were going to work very hard to get that rhythm.”

Frank Guglielmi of Meijer said the it remains unclear when Meijer Pharmacies will receive their first shipment of the vaccine in Northeast Ohio, but he is urging those eligible to make sure they have registered because he is hopeful the program will quickly pick up steam.

You can register with Meijer by texting COVID to 75049, visiting the pharmacy website at or going to any in store pharmacy.

“That’s really what were focused on is getting that front end work done, getting people registered, [and] segregated into the phases with the hope that we will start to see a steady flow of vaccines coming into our pharmacies,” Guglielmi said.

There are certainly going to be questions and maybe even some level of frustration with the process, but there is an avenue for help.

The Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging tells us they have people ready to help anyone who is struggling to register.

The phone number for a representative who can help with the process is 1-844-340-3003.

“What we’re going to see is providers will be very local and unfortunately because of the reduced number of vaccine there’s going to be a rush to register and so those spots will fill up very quickly,” said Mary Lipovan, the director of public health advocacy at the agency.

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