What is it like to be among the first groups in Ohio to get the vaccine?

Virus and vaccination: troubleshooting the registration process 11 pm

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Ohio will make the COVID-19 vaccines available to a second group of Ohioans in four days. So what’s it like to try to get access to that vaccine?

Anyone 80 and older and people with severe congenital health issues will be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine starting on Tuesday. But with hundreds of thousands anticipated to try and register in Ohio at various locations, you may need a game plan.

For many, the biggest concern is getting an appointment. So, 19 News is trouble shooting the process to sign up for a vaccine.

Many providers are directing the public to their websites for information and to signup. If you have a family member or friend in the senior age group who may not be tech savvy, it’s a good idea to offer to help them check the websites of the vaccine locations and help them register online.

Reporter Michelle Nicks picked three popular pharmacies to see how they’re handling requests to get the shot in the arm. Here’s what she found:

A call taker at an area Giant Eagle Pharmacy immediately directed her to go online for the registration process. Once there, customers need to monitor the site for the latest details.

Giant Eagle will be providing information on how to schedule your vaccination in the very near future.

19 News also called CVS Pharmacy. A check of the website is the most efficient way to find out about how to sign up. A pharmacy employee confirmed they were getting a lot of calls.

“There appears to be a pretty big demand for it,” the person said. “They just now have to figure out logistically how they’re going to do everything. But it’s coming pretty soon.”

Marc’s Pharmacy said they are updating their scheduler so appointments can be made on-line in just a few days.

The Marc’s at Kamm’s Corner has already started a list for those who have asked to register. The pharmacy hopes to have people register online by Sunday night or Monday morning, but say they’ve been writing the requests down on paper in the order they are contacted and will notify everyone once their appointment day and time is scheduled.

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