Local drugstores stepping up to combat COVID-19

Local drugstores stepping up to combat COVID-19

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Most major pharmacists are “all in” when it comes to giving shots in the arm against the dreaded coronavirus.

And here in Cleveland, some independent pharmacies are also getting ready to serve a community that this pandemic has hit the hardest.

19 News did an informal unscientific survey of local non-chain drug stores in the area. Many were not interested in speaking with us. One, however, was, with the goal of serving a community they are familiar with.

“When it first started it was chaos, all over the globe you know. Everyone was panicking,” say’s Dr. Salam Abdul Khalil of the Church Square Pharmacy.

The African-American community has been hit the hardest by this pandemic according to the medical data, and those at Church Square Pharmacy don’t ignore that fact they embrace it.

“It means a lot to me to be honest. We all have to step up and fight this pandemic. We know our target customers and we are here to serve them 100 percent,” said Dr. Khalil. “We’re expecting to see the vaccine in the next few days. Right now we are receiving phone calls..and they will get an appointment once we get the vaccine.”

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