Snow, ice threat: Disruptive Weather Day issued for Monday evening

Weather January 26, 2021

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - DISRUPTIVE WEATHER for Monday night into Tuesday morning for a mix of rain, freezing rain, and snow. Overall, we don’t expect more than an inch or 2 of snow, but along with a thin glaze of ice - could make travel slick late Monday into Tuesday.

The most recent weather models indicate that a rain/snow mix of winter precipitation will traverse the state from southwest to northeast on Monday afternoon & evening.

The timing of the precipitation’s arrival and temperatures both aloft and at the Earth’s surface will dictate precipitation type.

I’m expecting some light but measurable snowfall on the order of one to two inches to accumulate across the northern tier of the state with possible similar amounts southwest of Cleveland before the event comes to an end sometime before noon on Tuesday.

Points farther south and east will likely receive only rain that may be mixed with a little, wet snow.

The chief concern of note is the possibility and expectation of periods of freezing rain in some areas - primarily during the overnight hours.

Those areas that are subjected to freezing rain - which falls as liquid and freezes on contact with objects on the surface having temperatures that are below freezing - could experience an ice glaze that makes navigating on foot or in vehicles tricky to treacherous.

Typically, freezing rain accumulates first on objects that conform with the air temperature.

These include both bridges and overpasses with air above, below and on most or all sides of their structures.

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