LeBron and Brady: Ageless Wonders

Two legends have a lot in common

LeBron and Brady: Ageless Wonders
LeBron and Brady (Source: woio)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - When Tom Brady did what Tom Brady does, which is ... clinch yet another trip to the Super Bowl ... one of the first to give him a shout out? LeBron.

Which makes sense, because he can relate to Brady’s unequaled success in his sport better than anyone.

Brady is headed to his 10th Super Bowl.

LeBron has been to 10 NBA Finals.

Nobody else is in that conversation.

Both invest millions in their conditioning, not to mention their chefs.

Both continue to reap the benefits, and at least hold off, in historic fashion, Father Time.

Oh, they also have one more thing in common. People LOVE to root against ‘em.

NBA fans have been trying to grab the torch from LBJ and hand it to someone else for years. He ain’t letting it go. And as if we needed another reminder, he went out and dropped 34 on Giannis, ten years his junior, a few nights ago.

In the meantime, Brady looks forward to what could be another epic showdown with Patrick Mahomes, almost 20 years his junior. And you remember what happened the last time they squared off in the playoffs.

Admit it, you’re sick of seeing Tom Brady go to the Super Bowl.

And hoop fans outside of whichever team he’s playing for are sick of seeing LeBron head to the Finals.

Not me. I appreciate and celebrate greatness. And the likes of these two? We may never witness it at this level again.

So enjoy it while it lasts. I mean, they can’t go on forever.

Can they?

Ha! What do you think?

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