Newest criminal case against Cleveland Mayor’s grandson could be different

Frank Q. Jackson has been charged in a jurisdiction not controlled by his grandfather

Cleveland Mayor’s grandson faces charges in Parma

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Cleveland Mayor’s grandson, Frank Q Jackson, was back in court Monday, after being arrested again this weekend.

In fact, he appeared in two hearings Monday for two different cases.

One in Cleveland where he’s facing a domestic violence charge stemming from an incident in December.

He now also faces felony charges out of Parma, after police say he lead officers on a high speed chase there this weekend.

This weekend’s arrest is different from his past criminal cases, because it happened outside of Cleveland city limits. That means officers are not employees working under Frank Q’s grandfather Mayor Frank Jackson, who’s been accused and even faces a lawsuit, saying he’s intervened his family’s behalf in past criminal cases.

Parma police say Jackson fled from officers during a traffic stop just after midnight on Sunday morning.

The aftermath of this most recent arrest is already playing out differently than many previous arrests in Cleveland.

First of all, one day later we already have very specific details from Parma Police about what happened. And, we expect Parma to release body and dash camera footage of the incident very soon.

Meanwhile, we requested body camera video from December of police responding to the call related to the domestic violence charges, but we haven’t received anything back yet.

And, remember when County Prosecutor Michael O’Malley named the younger Jackson as a suspect in a 2019 murder case?

But, even when we got it, the footage provided only shows officers initially approaching the mayor’s house.

It does not show Jackson or homicide investigators.

Jackson has not been charged in that case, but the case remains in the hands of Cleveland officers, instead of an independent agency as suggested by the county prosecutor and other officials.

We do have body camera footage of Jackson’s arrest in another domestic violence incident that happened in 2019.

A case in which Jackson was sentenced to probation instead of jail time, after the charges were handled in Cleveland court as a misdemeanor.

He faced charges for fleeing police then too. But, those were dismissed when he took his plea deal.

This time around, Jackson’s case was reviewed by Parma’s city prosecutors. Those prosecutor’s determined that felony charges were appropriate, and the case was transferred to Cuyahoga County Court, according to court documents. County prosecutors are also outside Jackson’s jurisdiction meaning this case should not be touched by those working under Mayor Frank Jackson.

Mayor Jackson has repeatedly refused to talk to us about his grandson in the last few years. But, each time, he’s denied all allegations that he intervened in any way on his behalf.

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