Are the Covid-19 vaccines safe for pregnant, nursing women?

Published: Feb. 1, 2021 at 7:37 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Studies show pregnant women with severe Covid-19 are at higher risk for hospitalization, ICU admission, and ventilation.

So if you’re expecting a baby, you may be wondering if you should get the coronavirus vaccine when it’s available to you.

Cleveland Clinic Doctor Tosin Goje said although there haven’t been vaccine trials done during pregnancy, existing safety data is reassuring.

“Based on peer-reviewed, vigorous scientific review of the data that we have in non-pregnant patients, we feel it’s safe for pregnant patients who desire the vaccine to get it. Especially if the risk of acquiring COVID in their community is high,” Dr. Tosin Goje said.

Dr. Goje said the two Covid-19 vaccines that have received emergency use authorization don’t contain any live virus.

And since there is no live virus, they are not thought to cause any pregnancy-related problems or infertility issues.

Meanwhile, the CDC said studies in people who are pregnant are planned.

Pfizer will reportedly test its vaccine in pregnant women over the next few months.

Right now, both Pfizer and Moderna are monitoring women in the clinical trials who became pregnant.

Covid-19 antibodies passed to babies.

New findings also show pregnant women are likely to pass Covid-19 antibodies to their unborn babies.

Researchers at Philadelphia’s Pennsylvania Hospital found the transfer in 72 out of 83 cases they studied.

They said this might suggest a pregnant women who gets a Covid-19 vaccination could pass that along also.

Breastfeeding and Covid-19 vaccines

Health experts, including the CDC, also said the Covid-19 vaccines are not believed to be a risk to nursing infants.

Harvard Medical School said it is important to know that since there is no virus in the vaccines, you cannot get Covid-19 or give your baby the virus by being vaccinated.

When a person gets vaccinated while breastfeeding, their immune system develops antibodies that protect against Covid-19. These antibodies can be passed through breast milk to the baby.

Newborns of vaccinated mothers who breastfeed can benefit from these antibodies against Covid-19.

Doctors encourage women to talk to their healthcare provider about any questions or concerns.

You can read more from the CDC regarding pregnancy and vaccines here.

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