Scared neighbors in Euclid say raccoons have taken up residence in their roof and they want them gone

Updated: Feb. 4, 2021 at 10:29 PM EST
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EUCLID, Ohio (WOIO) - The 19 News Troubleshooters are on the job, this time, hearing concerns of a community dealing with a raccoon problem that’s keeping them up at night.

Neighbors at the Euclid Apartments on Mill Avenue in Euclid contacted 19 News saying they’re scared because the raccoons have taken up residence in their roof for at least the last two weeks.

Tracie Wakelee says it’s unsettling, and she’s afraid, “Scratching noise, bumping noises, like they’re trying to come in.”

Wakelee recorded the sounds, and you could hear the scratching noises coming from the area of the ceiling. She says this is what she hears all night long.

Neighbors have even captured photos of the raccoon sitting on the roof of their Mill Avenue apartment building. One woman, a mother of two, only wanted to be identified as Des.

“It was so big, and I watched it go back into the hole, back into my roof. It climbs up the gutters and goes in there,” Des said.

We spotted what was likely the animal’s tracks in the snow, and the Euclid mother says she’s frightened, and so are her children.

“They’re afraid, and my seven-year-old he won’t sleep in his room. He has to sleep in the bed with me or my son; he won’t sleep by himself. They won’t do nothing about it,” Des told 19 News.

Neighbors like Cinda Wakelee tell me they’ve complained for at least two weeks to Euclid Apartment Management but say no one will listen, “I told them Monday at the office that I am scared. You know because you don’t know if he could get down here.”

Tracie Wakelee says, “We’re sick of hearing we’re working on it.”

So, we went to the Euclid Apartments Leasing Office, but a man who opened the door said we would need to talk to the Community Director who wasn’t on-site at the time. But we did try to reach out to her by phone because residents want action, and they want it now.

Des, who is fed up, says, “Management said oh we set traps. I’ve never seen them come out here and set traps.”

“I want them to do their job for as much as we pay here; they need to do their jobs,” Tracie Wakelee said.

To be fair, 19 News made several attempts to reach out to Euclid Apartment Management to find out their side of their story and if they have taken any steps to resolve the issue. But so far, no comment from the apartment complex.

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