A Super Bowl Sunday like no other, but did people follow the safety protocols?

A Super Bowl Sunday like no other, but did people follow the safety protocols?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - It’s one of the biggest nights in sports.

So, where were you watching the Super Bowl this year, and were you watching it safely?

COVID-19 concerns and freezing temperatures on Super Bowl Sunday make it a year like no other. So, where are the big game parties at, and are people still following the safety protocols?

At Truman’s 216 Sports Bar in the Flats a small crowd gathered before the Super Bowl, and only a few reservations were made. Just the opposite of years past when they were booked on Super Bowl Sunday.

Travis Williams is the General Manager of Truman’s 216, “We’re a big sports bar and we get a lot of Browns home games and a lot of playoff games. But, this week we’re not even full on reservations and we’re not sure what to expect.”

That’s because a lot of people in Northeast Ohio are playing it safe when it comes to watching the Super Bowl. Staying close to home with small gatherings like one at a home in Euclid with just five or six family and friends.

But others who do choose to go out say they keep it to a place they trust like Truman’s 216. Samantha Kleinhenz of Mentor and her friends say they feel very safe when it comes to dining out.

“Everyone has masks coming in. Obviously when you sit you can take them off. I feel like when it comes to socially distancing people they are doing a good job,” Kleinhenz said. Natalie Martinez says it’s about social distancing and restaurant workers who also lead by example and by having barriers and protection in place, “The bartenders and servers do a good job of keeping masks on when they come over and take our orders so I feel safe being at the table.”

Marcus Cyrus and his friends from New York says the protections in place allow them to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere, food and the Super Bowl, “Tom Brady all the way.”

And whether it was in the Flats, the Warehouse District or Fourth Street downtown, some sports bars and restaurants that would normally be open on this Super Bowl Sunday were closed, likely because they anticipated most people would stay home for safety reasons this year.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9.

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