New scam: COVID-19 vaccines ‘for sale’ online

Warning about new online vaccine scam

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The COVID-19 vaccine is in high demand and scammers are trying to take advantage of you — by selling fraudulent versions online.

It’s a new type of scam — vaccines for sale, according to a report obtained by CBS News.

In one example, an investigator said he paid $175 for a vaccine from another online seller.

They’re using social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to try to scam people.

You can read the full report from CBS News here.

On Monday, Facebook said it will also make other sources of bad information on the vaccine more difficult to find. The site revealed its plans to crack down on posts that spread anti-vaccine falsehoods.

One way is by making it harder to find anti-vaccine information on its Instagram platform.

Facebook says it will also start showing links to local health websites instead.

19 News checked with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

A spokesperson said they have not had any vaccine scams reported to them at this time.

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