Richmond Heights Spartans look forward to a new ‘Home Sweet Home’

Basketball team giving new meaning to term “Road Warriors”

Richmond Heights Spartans look forward to a new ‘Home Sweet Home’
Spartans new gym (Source: Quentin Rogers)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - So, my favorite TV show back in the late 70′s was “The White Shadow”, about a fictional L.A. high school basketball team. The running joke was that Carver High only played home games (you know, they were shooting on only one Hollywood set).

But ... how about a team that only plays road games.

That’s how it’s been for the Richmond Heights Spartans, who haven’t played a home game since...

”It was two years,” head coach Quentin Rogers told me. “Um, I can’t remember ... it had to be late January.”

Two years. Of taking their show on the road, and racking up wins.

”At this point, they’re so used to traveling that it would feel weird for them to be at home,” Rogers said.

Well, they might be ... soon. The new school, and its beautiful gym, is just about ready, even though the players haven’t seen it yet. So the Spartans may host a playoff game there in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, they’re doing something else they’ve done for two years: practice at the old middle school, where the rim is standard size, but the court? Uh....

Richmond Heights middle school gym
Richmond Heights middle school gym (Source: Quentin Rogers)

”It seems a little smaller,” Rogers said. “Because when we go to other schools, it’s like ‘wow’. There have been some games where we’ve had to adjust to the size of the court.”

Rogers has been head coach of the Spartans for four years. Two years ago, he led ‘em to the Final Four. Now they’re rolling again, tops in their conference, and all things considered, I wouldn’t bet against ‘em. This team has been battle tested.

”Oh yeah,” Rogers said. “Because it’s not just the road games. I’ve played a pretty rigorous schedule since I’ve been here, and I do that on purpose. We like to get everyone’s best shot, and we like the cards stacked against us, to be honest with you.”

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