CMSD’s CEO responds to harsh criticism by Gov. Mike DeWine

CMSD’s CEO responds to harsh criticism by Gov. Mike DeWine

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The CEO of CMSD responding to harsh criticism from Gov. Mike DeWine.

Eric Gordon says his district is working as hard as they can to get teachers vaccinated.

In order to get the vaccine, schools needed to sign an agreement promising to at least have hybrid learning by March.

Earlier this week, Gordon predicted an April return, upsetting Gov. DeWine, who blasted the district in a news conference Friday night.

“The question is don’t take the vaccine if you’re not going to go back in school because the reason you’re getting the vaccine & we’re taking away from other people is so kids can go to school,” said DeWine.

Gordon said he’s spoken to the Governor directly before the conference about this issue and said this in his defense.

“I just needed to stress to the governor that we are working hard to be ready by March 1, but that is a really strong timeline what he asked me is the commitment to do the best I can we’re here we’re doing it,” he said.

Gordon says the school does will go back to both remote and hybrid learning.

Here’s why.

“55 percent of our families are ready to come back in hybrid learning the other 45 percent are not,” Gordon added.

Gordon says the vaccination process for staff has gone smoothly so far.

An official announcement will be made next Friday about the reopening schedule.

“We are ready as soon as we can make all of those moving parts happen we will be open and ready to roll,” he said.

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