Charge coach does full court sprint home to see newborn son

Nate Reinking temporarily leaves team for all the right reasons

Charge coach does full court sprint home to see newborn son
Nate Reinking (Source: Canton Charge)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Time is precious. On and off the court.

Nate Reinking already knew that. The head coach of the Canton Charge was already under the gun, with the G-League season compressed to 15 games in 24 days. A sprint that’s taking place in a bubble almost 1,000 miles away, in Orlando.

But just in case, he was reminded of it a couple of weeks ago, when somebody else’s timing took precedence.

”We were in a coaches’ meeting and I got a phone call,” Reinking told me during a zoom meeting. “I’d called her (his wife) just a half-hour before just to check on her, and she called me about thirty minutes later and said ‘my water broke’.”

Reinking did what any dad would do. He raced to the airport. But his newborn turned out to be even faster, and Nate would have to meet his son Easton on FaceTime.

”After my first flight from Orlando, I was taking the connecting one in Atlanta and she called me when we were taking off there with FaceTime and she showed me the baby boy,” Reinking says. “That’s how I met him, and then I got back home finally about 1:30 after the drive from Cleveland.”

Nate Reinking
Nate Reinking (Source: Canton Charge)

Then, after some time with the family, it was back to Orlando, and quarantine, causing him to miss the first few games of the G-League season, before he could return to his basketball family.

”It’s going to be shock probably for me and a shock for those guys just to get me back into the flow of it, right into a game day,” Reinking said.

Nate Reinking has had his share of travels. A former Kent State Golden Flash, he spent his pro career overseas, in England, and Belgium. He’s seen the world. But his most recent trip?

”It’s the most special,” Reinking says. “Just going back to try to see the birth of your son, this is the most special, for sure, by far.”

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