Lakewood home burglarized while father shovels snow outside, baby and mother asleep

Lakewood home burglarized while father shovels snow outside, baby and mother asleep

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) - A Lakewood family’s home was burglarized while the father was out shoveling.

Andrew Breier woke up at 6 A.M. to shovel his driveway Tuesday morning. His wife and newborn baby were still inside, fast asleep. The father walked to the side of his home to shovel, and in those few minutes, a thief walked right into his home.

“It’s pretty scary,” said Breier. “It’s invasive.”

Breier says it wasn’t until after he got out of the shower that he realized they had been robbed.

“It took me a couple minutes to notice what was going on the biggest reason I noticed it is because I couldn’t find my cellphone,” Breier explained.

The crook walked into his home on Grace Avenue while the Lakewood father was distracted shoveling snow. He hadn’t thought to lock the door.

“Lock your doors no matter what, even if you’re just running down the street to get a cup of coffee and someone’s still home, you never know,” Breier warned.

The thief stole Breier’s iPhone, his computer, and several watches. Breier’s wife called 911.

“I have the ability to see the location on his phone, and it looks like its two streets over,” his wife told dispatch.

Lakewood police tracked the iPhone to Alameda Avenue, where they found 21-year-old Tanner Lamb and found all of Breier’s stolen property. They arrested him and charged him with burglary.

Breier says the most important thing is that his wife and baby weren’t hurt.

“I’m very grateful that’s the scariest about this more than anything,” the father said. “Your tuff can be replaced, but your family and your loved ones can’t.”

Breier says he has already ordered a Ring camera security system to make sure his family is safe.

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