Northfield mother with cystic fibrosis finally receives COVID-19 vaccine after 19 News report

Northfield mother with cystic fibrosis finally receives COVID vaccine after 19 News report

NORTHFIELD, Ohio (WOIO) - A Northfield mother reached out to 19 News after she had multiple vaccination appointments canceled.

19′s Kelly Kennedy got results, and thanks to our story, she received her first dose of the vaccine Thursday.

Janeil Whitworth had two appointments canceled because she is too young, even though her cystic fibrosis qualifies her for the vaccine.

She had another appointment scheduled for Friday that was canceled due to the weather.

“That was really disappointing, obviously,” Whitworth said.

The 30-year-old Northfield mother has cystic fibrosis and diabetes, so her age shouldn’t matter.

According to Ohio’s vaccination guidelines, she should be able to get vaccinated.

She reached out to 19 News on Tuesday, and we took her concerns straight to Giant Eagle, Walgreens, and the governor’s office.

Giant Eagle quickly admitted they had made a mistake, and then on Thursday, they called her.

“I got a call from the director of pharmacy at Giant Eagle, a very nice man who offered a really sincere apology, and he said that he wanted to make it right the best he could and that he would call around to see if there was anything available in our area and he called me about 20 minutes later and said if you can be at this pharmacy at this time they can give you your dose,” Whitworth recalled.

So, she showed up at the Giant Eagle in Macedonia, and sure enough, she finally got her first dose of the vaccine.

“I’m pretty relieved,” the mother said. “I’m excited just for a month from now to get my second dose and to know that I have some kind of protection moving forward, and just I hope that I can take my son out a little bit more and just slowly resume back to normal.”

Whitworth believes if she hadn’t reached out to 19 News, she still wouldn’t be vaccinated.

“I don’t believe so because even this morning, I had no luck,” Whitworth said. “My appointment was canceled. I think it would’ve taken weeks probably, unfortunately, so I know I’m very lucky in that sense that you know I was able to share my story, and they reached out to me, but otherwise, I don’t think I would be.”

Gov. DeWine touched on this issue at his press conference on Thursday, making it clear to all providers that they are responsible for having these preexisting conditions on their websites and making sure that anyone who fits the criteria, no matter their age, gets vaccinated.

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