Cleveland unveils vendor booth prototype at West Side Market (photos)

Cleveland unveils vendor booth prototype at West Side Market (photos)
(Source: City of Cleveland)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The city of Cleveland is making upgrades at the West Side Market, with the latest being the unveiling of a vender booth prototype.

The city of Cleveland pledges to invest $2.6 million on vender booth upgrades, according to a press release, with $70,000 going to the vender booth prototype.

The unveiling comes one week after the city announced the selection of a consultant for the West Side Market.

Cleveland said this booth has the potential to solve problems faced by vendors.

The booth includes:

· Increased electrical capacity and space utilization

· Enhanced lighting

· High-performance flooring and drainage

· Addition of three compartment sinks

Additional improvements will come after the city receives vendor feedback on the prototype.

“We are glad that the City is working to make improvements to modernize,” said Mark and Minnie of Jim’s Meat. “We are looking forward to customizing our stand for our business and giving it a fresh look.”

The city plans to spend $5 million on upgrades for the West Side Market in 2021, according to a press release.

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