Cleveland councilman ‘committed’ to helping police catch carjackers

Cleveland councilman ‘committed’ to helping police catch carjackers
(Source: Lukas Rychvalsky)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland City Councilman Charles Slife of Ward 17 said he’s heard the concerns residents have about the carjackings that happened in his area and the larger West Park neighborhood, and is making sure the council does what it takes to help law enforcement catch these criminals and bring them to justice.

Ward 17 covers the western portion of the West Park neighborhood including Warren Village, Kamm’s Corners, Riverside Park, Puritas Park, and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.

In addition to talking to several residents, Councilman Slife said on Monday that he’s discussed the issue with Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams, Commander Daniel Fay, and other criminal justice experts.

Councilman Slife said his quest for information continues, but this is what he has learned so far:

  • Last week, suspects fled an attempted carjacking in the northeastern part of Ward 17. They appeared to have committed a carjacking in southern Lakewood afterward.
  • At least two carjackings appeared to have happened in West Park near, but not in, Ward 17 on Monday morning.
  • The exhaust from remote-starting your car may tip off passing criminals that someone is about to walk outside.

The councilman said the Violent Crime Reduction Taskforce, the Gang Impact Unit, resources from Operation Legend, and partnering agencies are all working together to investigate these violent crimes and to bring the suspects to justice.

“City Council is committed to providing CPD with the resources it needs to investigate crimes and apprehend criminals,” Councilman Slife said. “I’ve also requested that the CPD Traffic Unit be deployed to Ward 17 immediately to increase our police presence.”

Councilman Slife said the urgency of this topic was his top priority in the discussion he had with Mayor Frank Jackson in the city’s annual budget hearings last week.

“I underscored the need for the city to increase police presence in West Park and to install more security cameras. With more cameras on our roads and at our neighborhood entry points, our real-time crime center could better track criminals as they move through our neighborhood, Councilman Slife said. “I also said that criminals seem to think they can act with impunity - a perception must be change through decisive action.”

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