Francisco Lindor: “I didn’t give my best” to Indians last season

Mets shortstop with surprising comments on final season with Tribe

Lindor meets NY media

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Francisco Lindor is now with the Mets. Everybody has moved on. So there’s little reason to talk about him here, unless, of course, he fesses up, as he did yesterday, that he didn’t give his best down the stretch with the Tribe.

He said it in the context of the 60-game season being bizarre in many ways, but ... he still said it.

“Yeah, my routine was a little different last year,” Lindor told reporters. “I didn’t give my best in the weight room, and that showed the last week of the season. I got tired.”

Yep, it showed. Lindor, playing for a $300 million payday with some team, ended a season in which he hit only .258 with a mere 8 home runs by going 1-for-8 in the playoffs. The Indians were swept by the Yankees.

Terry Francona missed that playoff series, and all but 14 of the regular season games, so when I asked him what he thought of Frankie’s comments, he said he hadn’t heard them, and, basically, they’ve moved on.

“I wasn’t here a lot last year,” Francona said. “I’m never real comfortable commenting on a third-person “Well, he did this interview’ ... plus, he’s playing on another team. I’m just not real comfortable with that.”

Fair enough.

But Indians fans who expected the very best out of the face of the franchise, a player who was pricing himself right out of town, couldn’t have been comfortable hearing this.

“In 60 games I was playing well, I was playing fine,” Lindor said. “I played well. It was just that last week, I didn’t get my couple of hits, and it (batting average) went down to .240, .230, I don’t know what I hit last year, but whatever it was, it wasn’t good, so yeah, I just got tired. I didn’t give my best in the weight room and it showed.”

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