Summit County will switch to lottery system to schedule vaccine appointments

Summit County will switch to lottery system to schedule vaccine appointments

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Citing “extensive demand” for the COVID-19 vaccine, Summit County Public Health (SCPH) said it will move to a lottery system to schedule vaccine appointments.

People in Ohio and other parts of the country have had difficulty finding an appointment to get the vaccine.

“All of our residents were becoming increasingly agitated and just stressed out trying to get on,” said health commissioner Donna Skoda. “It was just too much, it was hitting hard, they were getting cut off, they were thinking that they had an appointment but they didn’t, which is really frustrating.”

SCPH said the system will pull a computer-generated random sample of people from their vaccine registry; the people who are selected will then receive instructions via email or phone call on how to schedule an appointment.

The lottery process will begin Monday, March 1.

People who have already registered in the system do not need to register again and it does not affect other vaccine distribution.

“This is simply for our process,” says Skoda. “It does not affect pharmacies or hospital systems or any federally qualified health center. They are eligible and able to do their own scheduling systems, whatever that might be.”

If you are eligible to receive the vaccine and live in Summit County, you can click here to register.

“I hope that it helps. I hope that it cuts down the frustration,” said Skoda. “We’re trying to improve the process and hope folks are patient with us because we’re doing the best we can.”

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