Cleveland makes plans to improve recycling and trash removal service

Cleveland makes plans to improve recycling and trash removal service
(Source: WOIO)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The City of Cleveland has received recommendations on improving recycling and trash removal services from a team of consultants tasked with unraveling the city’s beleaguered system.

GT Environmental sent preliminary recommendations to city leadership last month, according to a release from the city. The Division of Waste Collection and Disposal identified a number of recommendations they say will improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase the amount of material diverted from landfills.

Those recommendations included:

  • Provide bulk trash collection biweekly and only by appointment
  • Continue issuing warnings and citations for improperly setting out bulk trash for pickup
  • Require city residents to opt-in to the recycling program and remove blue recycling bins from houses that do not opt-in
  • Distribute service guides to all households in the area.
  • Update the website with accurate information on the recycling program and proper waste disposal and recycling
  • Update waste, recycling, and bulk collection routes
  • Improve vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • Improve staff training

The city said that GT Environmental would present “strategies to implement” the recommendations this spring.

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