Several carjackings in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood prompts bigger police presence

Local councilman asks for more police presence

Neighbors react to several carjackings in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Several carjackings have been reported in the last few weeks in the city of Cleveland and surrounding areas.

Lakewood Police are now investigating a carjacking that happened last week at 8 a.m. when a man showed a gun and carjacked a woman in her driveway.

In Cleveland, several incidents have been reported recently in the West Park neighborhood.

Now, Councilman Charles Slife of Ward 17 says he’s requested more presence from CPD, along with asking to install security cameras at entry points in the city.

“There are cameras in other neighborhoods for crime. That wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. We have seen more police presence since then. That’s great I hope that continues,” Ilona Jakubic said.

Her 66-year-old neighbor was carjacked last Fall on Norwell Avenue.

“They took their car and so both cars drove away and I saw one of my neighbors laying on the ground and he had been hit in the head with a gun,” said Jakubic.

Police recommend people are always aware of their surroundings and they say to never fight back against a criminal.

According to Slife, the Violent Crime Reduction Taskforce, the Gang Impact Unit, resources from Operation Legend, and partner agencies are all working together to investigate these violent crimes and to apprehend suspects.

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