The Red Cross is asking for much needed donations after experiencing a blood shortage due to cold temperatures

Bad weather contributing to blood shortage

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Red Cross is experiencing a blood shortage after the winter storms and frigid temperatures complicated the agency’s ability to collect blood donations.

“It’s just been an unique circumstance obviously 2020 with COVID-19,” said Christy Peters the Regional Communications Manager of the American Red Cross Northern Ohio Region. “Then, of course, the weather into 2021 all of those things are impacting the Red Cross.”

She revealed some startling numbers.

The Red Cross is short roughly 700 pints of blood following the treacherous winter storms last week.

“We just want to get the word out now that things are starting to warm up and the weather has passed that we need eligible donors to come and give,” she said.

Peters wants you to understand that a generous donation can save someone’s life.

“There are people in the hospital right now who are depending on blood transfusions,” Peters said. “Some of them have chronic illnesses such as sickle cell disease which can require a blood transfusion on a weekly basis.”

As a thank you to those that donated through the end of February you will get a $5 Amazon gift card.

You can easily schedule your appointment over the phone or online.


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