New website by Lafayette Township trustees shares information on the mystery of Bryon Macron’s death

Macron’s former colleagues created website

New website shares information on mystery of Bryon Macron’s death

MEDINA COUNTY, Ohio (WOIO) - Two Lafayette Township trustees have created a website claiming it tells the truth surrounding the mysterious disappearance and death of Bryon Macron. His body was found in Chippewa Lake, two months after he went missing.

Lynda Bowers and Mike Costello claim their website, “Lafayette Facts,” provides credible information about Macron’s death, as several conspiracies continue about the circumstances and investigation.

According to the website, Bowers and Costello personally funded it, and it is not a Township site. It shows pictures of both with Macron, and it also has affidavits from Bowers and others dated February 2021.

The site directly responds to claims made by Victoria Macron, Bryon’s widow, during an interview with a podcast last Fall.

The Ohio Bureau of Investigation ended its investigation in October, saying there was no foul play. Investigators say Macron had cuts to his body but that those didn’t cause his death. They also found blood in this ransacked office, but prosecutors determined that was staged.

The Cuyahoga County Coroner concluded Macron’s cause of death was undetermined.

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