Another East Cleveland police pursuit ends with an arrest, a multi-vehicle crash and innocent people injured

Another East Cleveland police pursuit ends with an arrest, a multi-vehicle crash and innocent people

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Cleveland 19 has learned about another East Cleveland Police chase, ending with a crash involving innocent people.

But this time, it wasn’t for a traffic violation, but a murder suspect wanted in another city.

On Monday, February 22nd, 19 Investigates uncovered East Cleveland Police conducted 49 pursuits in 53 days this year.

This most recent chase on Thursday, February 25th, was pursuit number 50 in less than two months.

Police arrested the suspect, but it was after innocent people were injured again for the third time in three weeks.

Cleveland 19 obtained one officer’s bodycam video that shows the initial confrontation when an East Cleveland Officer gets out of his cruiser and yells for a man sitting in a Black Jeep to put his hands up.

Officers were alerted to a stolen vehicle possibly involved in a murder in another city. East Cleveland officers block the Black Jeep in a driveway on Sheldon Avenue, but not for long.

You hear the male occupant of the Jeep say, “Man, what did I do?”

After being told to keep his hands in the air numerous times, the suspect takes off, heading southbound on Sheldon.

The officer who alerts dispatch that they are pursuing the vehicles says, “He took off, struck me with his car.” However, the bodycam video provided to Cleveland 19 at our request does not clearly show the officer being struck by the vehicle.

The chase reached speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, according to the police report, before the suspect crashed into a red Jeep traveling Southbound on St. Clair in the city of Cleveland. The red Jeep then hit another vehicle as the remnants of the chase littered the street.

St. Clair in the area of East 140th and Hayden was shut down to traffic for a short time to gather evidence and then clean up the accident scene.

In the bodycam video, you hear the same officer who was pursuing the suspect then yell to a citizen in the street, “On the sidewalk, on the sidewalk.” Someone, possibly another East Cleveland Officer, asks the man in the street if he is okay, and the driver of the red Jeep responds, “No, I’m not okay. That man hit me head-on.”

The suspect tried to make a run for it on foot after crashing the vehicle, but he was arrested just a short time later.

The East Cleveland Officer involved in the pursuit then went to the back of a cruiser where the suspect was being held and said, “You hit me with a car – you did. Assault on a police officer with a motor vehicle. You’re going to prison.”

Destin Sharron Devine Issac Kelly, 27, was taken to jail after police say he partially struck an officer, hit a cruiser, and then caused a multi-vehicle crash that sent two innocent people to the hospital.

A stolen gun was recovered from the vehicle, according to police.

Destin Sharron Devine Issac Kelly
Destin Sharron Devine Issac Kelly (Source: East Cleveland Police Department)

We asked East Cleveland about their chase police, and they tell us officers can pursue any vehicle for an offense leading to points on a driver’s license, including failing to stop for a stop sign.

The last three chases in East Cleveland have led to multi-vehicle crashes and, in several cases, the serious injuries of innocent people.

But for now, there have been no changes in East Cleveland’s pursuit policy.

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