Lakewood bar starts to host small scale concerts, comedy shows again

Lakewood bar starts to host small scale concerts, comedy shows again

LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WOIO) - With the curfew lifted, some local bars and restaurants are starting to offer small-scale events and shows again.

After months of sitting empty, the stage at the Winchester Music Tavern in Lakewood once again sees some action.

“We are ecstatic to be able to do anything at all,” said Alex Benedict, a bartender at the venue. “We’re so happy to see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

For the past year, the pandemic has forced many live events to go virtual, but in Lakewood, people are starting to gather in person again for small-scale shows. The Winchester says they are making sure to take extra precautions to keep their patrons safe.

“For all of the shows, we have all of the tables taped off, so they are without a doubt six feet apart, so everyone has their distance,” explained Benedict. “We also have security who makes sure that everyone has their masks on if they’re leaving the table if they’re going to the bathroom, that there’s a limit to the amount of people going to the bathroom, and we just make sure that everything is clean and that the bands keep their distance as well.”

Comedian Joe Briggs is just grateful for the gig, and he believes the venues have adjusted well to the new normal.

“It was really weird at first, but it’s okay,” said Briggs. “People are being good about it and wearing masks and stuff, so it’s cool. Everybody’s been real safe for the most part. I think everybody is just being smart about it at this point.”

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