Before he played for the Browns, Cleveland’s own Sam Tidmore grew up watching Black ‘superstar’ athletes

Former Browns and Ohio State star recalls many inaugural sports moments in Cleveland

Before he played for the Browns, Sam Tidmore grew up watching Black ‘superstar’ athletes in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Sam Tidmore was born and raised in Cleveland. He grew up watching and being inspired by great Black athletes who played for Cleveland’s professional baseball and football teams.

He recalls the year 1948 when the Indians won the World Series.

What was significant about that Tribe squad was the fact that two Black players, Larry Doby and Satchel Paige, made history when they became the 1st Black players to ever win a World Series title.

Tidmore was a young man with a newspaper route at that time, and he recalls that magical moment.

“Oh that was the essence man. I was 10 years old. We all make a rout down to the stadium to see that. Satchel Paige Larry Doby were my two heroes,” he said.

Tidmore would himself grow up to play for the Cleveland Browns.

Before that those Tidmore watched two Black superstars play for the Browns: Marion Motley and Bill Willis.

“It was a landmark to have two Blacks in those days when Civil Rights was being bruised and kicked around, and we could still have two superstars we knew we could go see,” he said. “We knew we would break through and get the full freedom that we are entitled too.”

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