Parents express concern over East Cleveland City School’s COVID-19 protocols

Parents express concern over East Cleveland City School’s COVID-19 protocols

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Chandra Taylor and Shamere Kelly are worried about their kids’ safety at East Cleveland City Schools.

“I was advised that we’ve had teachers and students who were exposed to COVID and those numbers are not being reported to us,” said Taylor.

Taylor has two kids in elementary school.

She says she feels like the district needs to be more transparent when it comes to reporting COVID-19 cases.

“They’re telling us to check the website or check this, but these numbers are not current and if you ask or call, they act like they can’t tell you anything,” said Taylor.

Shamere Kelly’s son goes to Shaw High School.

She says when she and other parents tried addressing their COVID concerns to the district over a ZOOM meeting, they were ignored.

“Instead of addressing them, they were blocking people, just avoiding the conversation period,” said Kelly.

To be fair, we reached out to district officials about these concerns.

19 News was told there seems to be a misunderstanding when it comes to how the district reports cases.

“You may have been asked to quarantine, but they don’t represent positive cases,” said Dennis Bunkley, Director of Pupil Personnel, East Cleveland City Schools.

Some parents say their voices are being silenced.

They say they’re being prevented from speaking out at school district meetings.

The district says that’s not the case.

Meanwhile, as for Chandra Taylor, she says if things don’t change, she doesn’t know if her kids will be in the district next year.

“I, as a parent, I have lost all faith and hope in this school district,” Taylor said. “It’s really disheartening.”

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