Twinsburg apartment tenants blame landlord for city-mandated eviction

Twinsburg apartment tenants blame landlord for city-mandated eviction

TWINSBURG, Ohio (WOIO) - A group of tenants at a Twinsburg apartment complex say a neglectful landlord is responsible for the city condemning their apartments, leading to their eviction.

“No one is helping us find housing. I have no family, so I have nowhere to go,” said Jamie Rosenberry. “I’m a single mother raising five kids. I don’t know what to do.”

She reached out to 19 News for help after she and her neighbors were evicted from their homes on Wednesday.

It all started with a sewage backup in Rosenberry’s unit.

She told 19 News she called the landlord of the Lake Vue Lodges Apartment Complex more than 50 times but couldn’t get him to fix the issue. So she called police.

The Twinsburg Police Department brought city building inspectors to the property.

“As we went out and started inspecting, we started uncovering other issues and really had no choice for the safety of the residents to condemn the building,” said Mayor Ted Yates.

Rosenberry said she and neighbors have been without heat in their units, which is supposed to be included in their rent.

She said the landlord has provided small space heaters, but she told 19 News they aren’t adequate on cold days.

The residents were given 48 hours to vacate.

“They have to do their job to make sure everyone is living in a safe environment,” said Rosenberry of the city’s decision. “I understand it’s their job and they have to do it [but] it sucks sometimes. They’re putting people out, families out, children out.”

The property owners, according to the eviction notice, are Jilendra Kapasi and Trupil Kapasi.

Residents say Jilendra Kapasi, known to them as Jay, is the primary landlord.

19 News called him on a cell phone number provided by residents. The voicemail inbox was full, so a message couldn’t be left.

A short time later, Kapasi responded by text.

“I am working on it. The toilet had backed up on Tuesday night. I had [the] drain company there on Wednesday, and it was taken care of. I am working on other issues once I get the list,” he texted.

The letter from the city ordered the property owners to resolve the issues within ten days.

“We’ve had history with this particular landlord with other properties,” Mayor Yates said. “It’s sad when a landlord doesn’t invest what he should be investing in a particular rental unit to make sure it meets all the building code standards and that it’s safe for residents to stay there.”

Yates said the city is working with social services organizations and local motels in an attempt to help provide shelter for displaced residents.

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