Residents in Akron’s Kenmore community fed up with streets and roads in long-term disrepair

Updated: Mar. 8, 2021 at 8:04 PM EST
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Anyone driving on streets and roads in northeast Ohio during winter knows those sounds. Potholes are galore that burst tires and ruin rims.

Paul Terwilliger says this about a road a couple of hundred feet from the house he has lived in since 1972.

“The road on Route 93 has been that way for 6 years.”

Terwilliger has lived in the Kenmore neighborhood most of his life, except when he served in the military. He was in Marine Corp and fought in the Vietnam War. Now he’s fighting Akron City Hall, and he has enlisted the help of 19 News in his battle to get streets in his community repaired.

Trucks go up and down it. 18 wheelers go up it, down it, cars and it’s all torn up, just needs to be fixed and repaired.”

Paul is fed up with the lack of response he’s gotten.

Boomer: “Who have you talked to about this? Terwiliger: I tried to reach the City of Akron, no answers back. Boomer: Have any of your neighbors complained about this, friends or whatever. Terwilliger: “A lot of people complained about, and it’s still not fixed.”

One of those friends is David Ridenhour.

“I’ve owned this building 20 something years. I’ve owned this 16 years, and the roads don’t look any different...laughter.”

19 News called Akron City Hall, and I was told, “There’s no one who can speak with me today, but they will try and get someone later this week... if I’m still interested.

Yes, thank you.

Again, David Ridenhour.

“The condition of this street has been like this for a long time, and there’s not too much maintenance done on it. They patch here and there once and a while.”

People don’t like the rough rides they get on the bad roads. They care about their community. Otherwise, you would see people doing what this man is doing, picking up trash along the roadway.

Paul Terwilliger***}

“All they do is cold patch, patch it up and run back over and you tear it back up again and it’s the same way it was when it first started.”

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