Ohio Pie Co. teases new West Side location

Ohio Pie Co. teases new West Side location
Ohio Pie Co. teased the opening of a second location in Rocky River on its Facebook page. (Yes, those are pickles.) (Source: Ohio Pie Co.)

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WOIO) - Westsiders are rejoicing after a much-loved Brunswick pizza place teased the opening of a new location on their social media page Tuesday.

Ohio Pie Co. posted a photo of their second location on their Facebook page. Internet sleuths quickly guessed the store will be on Detroit Road near the Whole Foods in Rocky River.

West Siders were delighted:

“Best pizza in the world is coming to Detroit Rd. They have vegan pizza too!!!” wrote one fan on the Facebook announcement.

Those on the East Side suggested the shop should open a third location.

“Closer to me but still not east side! Maybe shop number 3 can be an easy side shop! We need some better pizza over here!!!!” wrote another fan.

The restaurant specializes in what it calls Ohio-style pizza. And, according to its five-star rating on Yelp, people love it - even the pickle pizza.

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