2 people in critical condition after house fire on Cleveland’s East Side

2 people in critical condition after house fire on Cleveland’s East Side

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Firefighters pulled two people from a burning home on the city’s East side Tuesday evening.

Cleveland Firefighters responded to the home in the 3500 block of E. 151st around 9 p.m. after several 911 calls.

EMS rushed a 45-year-old man with burns to his legs and a 60-year-old woman to MetroHealth Medical Center.

Cleveland police said both victims are in critical condition.

Neighbor Jessica Bloodsaw who lives across the street witnessed the tense moments when the victims were rescued, “My concern was getting her out. But they did get her out and they also said they got someone else out. So I was happy to see that.”

Latonja Dent who lives just two doors away says her family rushed outside and saw a young girl crying and saying she wanted to talk to her mom, “We smelled a lot of smoke cause the area was congested with smoke.”

Bloodsaw says, “First I heard like a boom and then I saw something orange come from my window. I thought it was a car accident. So that’s when I ran to the window and that’s where I saw the flames coming out of the first floor of the house. There was four fire trucks that was here so they came right away, and there was a police car - so they did an excellent job of getting the flames under control.”

But just as the fire appeared to be out, flames were spotted shooting from the attic window. A spokesperson for the fire department tells Cleveland 19 that a hoarding situation on the stairs to the attic made the job difficult for fire crews.

Firefighters said the cause remains under investigation.

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