St. Patrick’s Day car parade takes place in Westlake

A local bar’s Irish party for its neighbors in the era of COVID- 19
Published: Mar. 17, 2021 at 6:46 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - So much has changed in the way we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day since COVID 19.

However, in one Northeastern Ohio community, they are trying something small, hoping that one day, it will be really big!

Mary Novak is one of the owners of “Hail Mary’s” in Westlake, and she can recall what the last year has been like with COVID 19.

“We’ve watched people’s lives be shattered right before our very eyes. In a way that I don’t know if we will ever forget”, said Novak.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade isn’t big, but it reflects the massive heart Novak and her husband have.

They own and operate “Hail Mary’s,” a local watering hole.

It was their idea to organize a small parade around one city block in Westlake.

From the signs to the attire, this tiny army of friends made their appearance one to remember.

This is special because Mary and her family had a close call with COVID.

" I have a son who had to come home from Ohio State; my 83-year-old father lives with us. My daughter is in High School. Everybody contracted it with the exception of my father, thank goodness. And at work, people caught it, and some of our guests are not ever coming back”, said Novak.

To honor those lost and to bring back a sense of normal, Mary and a few friends and family organized a small caravan of 15 cars or more showcasing their St. Patrick’s Day spirit.

“People are going to have fun again.

They are going to smile; they are going to giggle; that is what it is all about”, said Mary’s husband, Wil.

Mary went on to say, “Any joy you can bring to people because you had a silly idea is a special kind of joy.”

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