When will children start getting vaccinated against Covid-19?

When will children start getting vaccinated against Covid-19?

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - More and more people are getting vaccinated every day, but they’re mostly adults.

And medical experts say vaccinating children is key to reaching herd immunity.

The first children have been vaccinated in Moderna’s next pediatric trials for the Covid-19 vaccine; the company announced this week.

This includes babies six months old and up-- to 11-year-old children.

Meanwhile, the Pfizer vaccine is being studied in children too, and Johnson & Johnson soon plans to study the vaccine in adolescents ages 12 to 18.

J&J’s CEO expects to have a Covid-19 vaccine ready for kids under 18 by September.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Chief Medical Advisor to the President, believes that a timeline is realistic for some children, depending on their age.

“For high school students, it looks like they will be available to get vaccinated in the beginning of the fall, very likely for the full term. With regard to children, we’re doing an age de-escalation study in elementary school children from 12 to 9, 9 to 6, 6-2, and six months to two years. We anticipate we’ll have enough data to be able to vaccinate these younger children by the first quarter of 2022,” Dr. Fauci said.

So in the meantime, can vaccinated grandparents see their grandchildren indoors without wearing masks?

The CDC says yes in its new guidelines-- as long as no one who is unvaccinated is at high risk for Covid-19 complications.

But out in public, doctors say children still need to be protected, even with more adults being vaccinated every day.

19 News spoke to Dr. Shanu Agarwal, Chair of Infection Control at Summa Health.

She urges parents to stay cautious against coronavirus.

“I think it’s still important to follow those guidelines and not let your guard down. Adults should get vaccinated so that, in essence we’re protecting our children as well,” Dr. Agarwal said.

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