Cleveland Heights house in horrible shape as family of four shares it with rats, raccoons, and falling ceilings

Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 8:53 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WOIO) - From the outside, this house on Glenmont Road in Cleveland Heights looks in poor condition.

But inside is where the real problems are.

To make matters worse, more than people occupy the dwelling and it has the family living here desperate to find another place to call home.

“This is where the ceiling fell in. This has been up here like, do you want me to give the years, maybe two or three years?”

This house is in deplorable condition and Catrina Burrows lives here with her three children.

It’s literally falling down around them.

“This hole stayed opened to where I seen a raccoon climbing up to get back in the hole. Not only that, but a rat came out of the one in the living room.”

Catrina uses Section 8 which pays over a thousand a month for this raccoon-infested, rat hole.

“We can’t cook in here. I can’t use my stove. I can’t do anything in this kitchen due to the breathing. Mice, rats, raccoons let off their boo boo and pee. That lets off an infection, a virus. We been living here over six years. That can let off mental illness. That can cause so many problems with us having to live like this. I’m tired, I’m tired.”

There’s no doubt the house needs major repairs outside and inside.

CMHA has given her a voucher to find another place.

Catrina found one she liked, but that voucher was turned down.

“I’m one of the owners of the property.”

The current owner of this Cleveland Heights house came over and agreed to talk, but not on camera.

He says he hasn’t been in the house in a year.

“We thought it was in bad condition when we first acquired the property and we informed the tenant at that point that we would have to renovate the building and that they would have to move out for that process.”

“We want y’all out. But we still gotta find somewhere to live. We can’t just get out and sleep in our cars. What we gone do?

Catrina really is between a rock and a hard place.

She’s trying to move, but in this COVID climate, that’s tougher than ever.

The current owner of the house says he has been working with Catrina, but that he can’t renovate the house with her still living there... a classic Catch 22 situation.

Family afraid to sleep at night for fear of attacks by rats and raccoons
Family afraid to sleep at night for fear of attacks by rats and raccoons(1625 Glenmont Road, Cleveland Heights)

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