Freedom Township man can’t get internet service because his signal is blocked by someone else’s old bill at his address

Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 9:32 PM EDT
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FREEDOM TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WOIO) -You can’t do much without having a good internet connection these days.

One of our viewers wants access to the web, but somebody else’s old bill is blocking his signal.

I tried on my company laptop to get on the web out there, but I couldn’t.

No service!

Imagine, trying to get an appointment for a COVID-19 shot when you don’t have an internet connection.

Larry Rubino uses a TV antenna to watch television, but he wants to be on the web.

“This is Freedom Township.”

Country living is Larry Rubino’s pleasure and his problem.

His trailer is so far off the beaten path that he can’t get regular internet service from any of the giants in the industry.

So, he called Sudden Link, the provider for his rural community.

“Back in ’07, whoever lived here before me had a bill, an outstanding bill. I moved in 2012. They were trying to make me pay the bill or they wouldn’t give me any internet service because there’s a past-due bill.”

Rubino has paperwork to prove he lived somewhere else at the time.

“This is documentation filed through Portage County Court that shows November 16th, 99 I live on Mennonite Road. That’s where I lived. A bank statement from July 20th, 2011 Mennonite Road. Social Security from 2010, December, Mennonite Road. I faxed all of this to them and still have gotten nowhere. Trying to make you pay a debt you don’t owe. Make it sound like a Blues song doesn’t it? It does, it really does.”

Rubino is a drummer and he can’t even book any gigs because he doesn’t have the internet. He says he has called Sudden Link multiple times.

“To be hung up on... in all the years I ran dealerships and all the problems I had with cars with customers, I was a service director I’d catch all the flack never hung up on a person. You’d get fired.”

“Thank you for calling Sudden Link Communications.”

I feel his pain and the disrespect. I also got the runaround treatment.

Please hold while we transfer your call for assistance. Busy, busy busy...

The line was busy, so I called back...

“Did I get disconnected again? I got disconnected again.”

Sudden Link Communications is headquarters in Tyler, Texas, so I just go knock on the door and ask why they’re demanding he pays a bill that’s not his or what he can do to get connected.

Hey Sudden Link, ever heard of good customer service?

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