19 Troubleshooter: Family once living with mold moves into new home

Troubleshooter gets results for a mother and her three children.
A mother and her three kids forced to live in deplorable conditions are now living in a better home.
Published: Mar. 22, 2021 at 8:00 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - A mother and her three kids forced to live in deplorable conditions are now living in a better home.

After nearly a year of complaining about the nasty mold and mildew, she turned to the 19 News Troubleshooters for help.

It took less than one week for Mika Prater to hear from CMHA, and she says she only has 19 News Troubleshooter to thank.

“I hated walking through the hallway. I hated even having to go into the door. Like this is where I am living, this is where my kids and I are living. We have no choice but to come in here,” said Prater about her old residence.

Now Prater and her three children are unpacking in their new home. A three-bedroom townhouse; clean with no mold or chipping fragments of paint.

This is a far cry from what they say they endured for four years. No more rats or roaches to fight off. Instead, she now has peace and tranquility.

Prater says she grateful and blessed and that the “19 Troubleshooter,” gave her new hope.

“Ya’ll [were] the only one that responded back to me. And ya’ll made it happen right then and there… and then all of a sudden they wanted to make it happen right then and there,” said Prater.

To be fair and to its credit, CMHA responded after seeing our story, and they stepped up and moved the Prater family.

Now she and her children have a place to call home.

It’s an environment that can put a smile on a kid’s face and warm a mother’s heart. Still, more importantly, it is a safe area for them to play — right in the backyard.

“If it wasn’t for ya’ll, me and my kids would have been in the same situation.

Once everything gets in its place, and I can do my little decorating, oh I am having an apartment warming; everybody welcomed,” said Prater.

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