Residents at the Milverton Apartments in Cleveland say they have mice and no hot water

Published: Mar. 23, 2021 at 11:30 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - No hot water.

That’s the complaint from Tenant Bionte Monroe and his neighbors at the Milverton apartments on the east side of Cleveland.

It’s just the latest problem here, he says, and he’s fed up.

“I feel like if I’m paying my rent I shouldn’t have to go through those things at all,” he said.

That just issue number 1.

The other issues are worse.

These small holes in the wall causing mice to come in… and take a look at the mold.

Monroe isn’t the only one venting…. Tenant Christina, who wouldn’t give us her last name, also shared her experience which she says is….

“Not too good not too good,” she said.

After tenants here reached out to the 19 News Troubleshooters unit, we decided to dig for answers.

I first called the accountant of the building who told me they are working on fixing the water issues.

The biggest problem the tenants are facing is getting in touch directly to the owner of the apartment building.

Through the State of Ohio records 19 News found that the ownership is represented by the Law Firm LDD Administrative Service company in Pepper Pike.

We reached out to the Attorney who represents the Owner of the property but have not heard back.

Meantime, coming back to Monroe…these constant issues are impacting his mental health.

“It’s depressing cause like I said I can’t have company because if somebody will come over there will be a mouse running around or power shutting off,” he said.

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