Gov. DeWine: Dozens of people in Ohio are currently being monitored for Ebola

Gov. DeWine: Dozens of people in Ohio are currently being monitored for Ebola
FILE - A health care worker from the World Health Organization prepares to give an Ebola vaccination in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Source: AP)

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - In his message explaining why he vetoed Senate Bill 22, Gov. Mike DeWine revealed that dozens of people in Ohio are actively being monitored for Ebola.

According to the governor, health officials are monitoring 44 people who have returned from areas of Africa with active outbreaks of Ebola.

“While it is currently believed these individuals are at very low risk of having contracted Ebola, if one of them develops symptoms, SB 22 would prevent our public health apparatus from swinging into rapid action and taking decisive steps to isolate, quarantine, and protect the public from the threat of this deadly virus until a medical diagnosis can be obtained.”

The veto of Senate Bill 22, which Gov. DeWine said limits his and future leaders’ abilities to issue health orders, has since been overturned by Ohio’s Republican-led General Assembly.

“SB 22 handcuffs Ohio’s ability to confront crises. The emergence of a yet unknown, epidemic illnesses bursting on the scene -- just as COVID-19 did -- remains a very real threat, as does the risk of state and non-state-sponsored terrorism,” Gov. DeWine wrote.

With the veto override, Senate Bill 22 will now take effect later this year.

Ebola, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a rare deadly disease that commonly affects humans and non-human primates.

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