Car thieves target West Side Cleveland suburb

Car thieves target West Side Cleveland suburb

AVON LAKE, Ohio (WOIO) - We seem to hear this all the time, but police in Northeast Ohio are reminding people to lock their cars and take their keys with them.

This comes after five vehicles were stolen in Avon Lake during the early morning hours Thursday.

Police say they received calls of even more vehicles having been rummaged through.

“It is a very quiet neighborhood and I’m shocked to be perfectly honest,” says Bob Drusendahl, an Avon Lake resident, who lives near where one of the vehicles was stolen.

A doorbell video in the area shows two people walking up a driveway, checking vehicles to see if they’re unlocked, but getting spooked when they trip a light sensor.

Police say, so far, one of vehicles stolen has been recovered. 19 News spoke with the owner of that car, who says police found his vehicle hours later in Cleveland. He tells us the thieves stole a camera that was inside the car. The vehicle also had minor damage, after he says the thieves ripped off the rearview mirror, trying to disable the tracking system, but police were still able to find the car. The vehicle owner admits he left his car unlocked.

Vehicles being stolen has been a problem for months now in this and other westside Cleveland suburbs.

Back in January, four vehicles were also stolen in Avon Lake. And back in the fall even more vehicle break-ins and thefts occurred there.

Police say suspects will go to a suburb, like Avon Lake, during the early morning hours and search for unlocked cars, specifically looking for the keys inside. They say suspects will also use garage door remotes from unlocked cars to enter a home and look for keys.

A total of five vehicles were stolen early Wednesday morning and police said others were also rummaged through.

Avon Lake officers said the crimes happened in the middle and eastern edge of their city.

One vehicle was recovered Thursday in Cleveland.

There are no arrests.

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