Gov. DeWine says he’s impressed with the way a Stark County vaccine clinic operates

Governor DeWine says he’s impressed with the way a Stark County vaccine clinic operates

CANTON, Ohio (WOIO) -Gov. Mike DeWine gave a nod of approval to the vaccine clinic at the Stark County Board of Developmental Disabilities in Canton.

“What is amazing as you travel around Ohio, and what is really true here in Canton is you have volunteers who are in there, people who are literally making a difference,” said DeWine.

DeWine is touring clinics all over the state to see for himself that they’re running efficiently.

He says at this point in our fight with COVID, the more people vaccinated, the better.

Right now, there are more people vaccinated in the state than people with COVID.

“This really is a critical time; we have a race going, the race really is how fast we can vaccinate people, and the variant which you’re seeing state after state,” DeWine added.

According to DeWine, vaccine clinics like the one in Canton play a huge role in getting to the finish line of the pandemic.

About 5,000 people get vaccinated at that clinic per week.

Stark County Health Commissioner, Kirkland Norris, helps run the clinic.

“There are no issues, no safety issues, plenty of social distancing, masks wearing, and people are actually walking out in 30-40 minutes,” said Norris.

Even though cases in Ohio are improving, don’t throw away your masks just yet.

Governor Dewine says we have a long ways to go before we can get back to normal.

“We have to stay on defense for a while… I had a gentleman say get rid of the masks, but we’re not there yet, but we’re going to get there,” said Dewine.

Dewine says he hopes we can “get there” by memorial day.

Until then, it bears repeating, continues to mask up, practice social distancing and be safe.

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