Mother of Cleveland woman dumped on the highway by fiancé wants him to get the death penalty

Mother of Cleveland woman dumped on the highway by fiancé wants him to get the death penalty

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - U.S. Marshals made an arrest in the gruesome murder of a young Cleveland mother on Wednesday.

Nothing will bring Cynthia Austin’s daughter back, but the arrest of 26-year-old Deandra Chisholm does bring her some comfort.

“At least a little burden has been taken off of me to know that he’s not still out there, but I still wouldn’t wish this burden on any mom cause I don’t know when the hurt is ever gonna go away or if it ever gonna go away cause I loved my baby,” Austin said. “She was just so precious.”

Chisholm was 26-year-old Darnesha Johnson’s fiancé. Austin says her daughter had only been dating him for four months when he proposed.

“To me she was happy,” explained Austin. “She said, ‘Mommy I’m about to get engaged.’ I said, ‘Are you in love with him Darnesha?’ She said, ‘I love him.’ I said, ‘Darnesha, you don’t think you’re moving too fast?’”

Chisholm is accused of shooting Johnson and dumping her body on I-77 near the Woodland Avenue exit. The young mother died on the side of the road. She had been shot multiple times in her head and neck.

“I want him to get the death penalty,” Austin said. “He should get it because the way he just threw my daughter out there like that, like she was nothing. She was a human being. She had a heart. She had a spirit.”

U.S. Marshals found Chisholm hiding in an attic inside a home in Cleveland’s Clark Fulton neighborhood. Authorities took him into custody Wednesday. The grieving mother had one message for other mothers out there.

“Domestic violence is all over the world,” Austin said. “So many women is getting killed out here by so many men you know and as a mother I’ll tell parents. Talk to your daughters. Keep a relationship with your daughter. Find out what kind of man they’re dating out here and let them know to try to get to know this person first and see who this person is. Pay close attention to your daughters.”

Austin is still waiting for Johnson’s body to be released so she can bury her daughter. The family is accepting donations to help with funeral expenses.

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