‘I’m not above being a pervert’: Video released of Rocky River teachers discussing female student

Police decline to file charges against teachers accused of talking about a student inappropriately
This is a recording of 19 News at 5:30 p.m.
Updated: Mar. 26, 2021 at 10:54 PM EDT
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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WOIO) - The Rocky River Police Department declined to file charges against six teachers accused of talking about a student inappropriately.

On Friday, police also released a disturbing video of two teachers discussing a student captured by an online classroom camera.

“Did he tell you what the pictures were of?” one teacher asked the other.

“Of some girl,” he replied.

“At school?” the other asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

The video shows two teachers in what looks like a classroom discussing a picture sent out in a group chat between other staff members of a female student’s crotch.

“Yeah, cause I saw him in the hallway,” one teacher said. “He says, ‘Yeah, I’m sending a picture, but it’s not working,’ and I said, ‘Of what?’ and he said, ‘I took a beaver shot of *******.”

Rocky River police said there was not enough evidence of criminal activity to charge any of the six staff members accused of inappropriate behavior.

“I’m not above being a pervert, but I’m not going there,” one of the teachers said.

“Why’d he send it to you?” the other asked.

“Cause he thinks it’s acceptable, I guess,” the teacher replied. “I mean, you know. I mean, I had her in class. We had conversations where he said, ‘Uh, she’s smoking hot, I think she’s the best in the school, I said oh yeah she’s...”

“Who’s this?” the other asked.

“She’s not much of a student, nice enough girl really freak in…”

“Yeah, yeah,” said the other teacher.

“…yeah, put together,” the other said.

Police said after interviewing teachers and witnesses and viewing text message threads, they found no evidence of student pictures or inappropriate discussions about students.

“You know I was so upset about this because legally we gotta go to Winton, you know because he said it was, he said it was a beaver shot,” one of the teachers said.

In the video, the teachers say if that teacher took a picture of the student’s privates, they should have reported it to the school’s principal, Rob Winton.

“It would be a terrible way for us to end our career,” one teacher said.

“I’m thinking about this. I’m thinking; God is he taking pictures of her in class? I mean, what is he doing?”

“Yeah, I mean, it’s illegal,” one teacher said. “It’s not unethical; it’s illegal.”

19 News requested an interview with the Rocky River superintendent. He would not give us an interview but did send us a recorded statement.

“I’m disgusted,” said Michael Shoaf, Rocky River Superintendent. “I’m shocked, and as the father of a teenage daughter in this district, I’m angry; what was stated by these staff members was not only inappropriate and unprofessional, it was offensive.”

The video went on to say if a student’s safety is in question, staff members are obligated to report the situation to the proper individuals. The superintendent said if the investigation finds that the staff members failed to act appropriately, disciplinary action will be taken.

The superintendent did not mention police declining to file charges in his video statement.

19 News also requested an interview with Rocky River police, but they did not get back to us.

Shoaf said their investigation is ongoing.

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