Do the Cavs need to rethink roster management?

Not playing Porter and Drummond hurt their value
Cavs General Manager Koby Altman. (Source: WOIO)
Cavs General Manager Koby Altman. (Source: WOIO)
Updated: Mar. 29, 2021 at 7:02 PM EDT
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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - The Cavaliers sat Andre Drummond more than a month before the trade deadline because they were planning to trade him. They never did complete a deal and were forced to buy him out last week. Drummond is joining the Lakers and could be their starting center. It is somewhat similar to last year when Detroit traded him here and couldn’t get anything for him either.

“When they traded for him, they basically gave up nothing,” said Sam Amico of “As one General Manager explained to me, if you trade nothing to get a guy, when you try to trade him, guess what you’re probably going to get.” The Cavaliers sent John Henson and Brandon Knight to Detroit, neither of those players are still in the league.

That is fair, and nobody should have expected the Cavs to get a package of young players and draft picks. But they could have helped themselves by keeping him active up until the deadline. NBA general managers took notice that they did not. “A lot of people thought that their decision to sit him and not play him impacted his value,” said Amico. “If you’re still playing him then other teams will think maybe the Cavs will keep him.”

If this only happened once, it would be easier to overlook. Drummond though was the second player they banished just this season. Kevin Porter, Jr. was the first guy to get that treatment. Porter had an offseason run in with the law, but charges were dropped. Still, the Cavs never played him, eventually shipping him off to Houston for one second round draft pick. Porter is averaging 16 points and six assists per game for the Rockets.

Porter did have an altercation with Cavaliers general manager Koby Altman, but that came after they had been sitting him. Had he been playing, they stood a better chance of getting value for him. They only got a second round pick in that trade.

Altman should have done better than get pennies on the dollar for Porter and nothing at all for Drummond. He thought it was best to have the players sit until a trade could be worked out. It would appear he was wrong.

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