Owner of 3 Cleveland businesses prepares for Friday reopening

Owner of three Cleveland businesses prepare for Friday reopening

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - Marcus Sanders owns not one, not two — but three art-themed businesses on Waterloo Road. On Friday, all three are set to reopen.

“I feel like a good business knows how to adapt,” he said.

Sanders operates Crop’d, a small retailer where small business owners can share their goods. He also operates Urban Plant, an artistic plant shop; and Crosslens, a photography, art, and concert venue — all in one building on the corner of Waterloo and E. 160th.

Friday’s reopening will include an event welcoming local, independent artists to the venue.

“Now we just reap the benefits of staying open and being strong,” Sanders said.

Sanders is no stranger to challenging ventures. He first opened his businesses last July in the thick of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I feel like that was a big, ‘if don’t make it through this, we weren’t supposed to be open in the first place,’” he said.

He adds he hopes his business can serve as a space for other “starving artists” that have struggled with their own ventures since last March: “A lot of artists were sitting in the house, not having a space to go.”

Sanders also looks forward to more businesses working together rather than apart.

“Don’t be scared to work with other people,” he said. “If you just start a conversation with someone, you can realize they can help you.”

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