Police reopen investigation into Rocky River High School teachers

Police reopen investigation into Rocky River High School teachers

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio (WOIO) - Rocky River Police said they have reopened an investigation into teachers at Rocky River High School who were captured on video talking about possible inappropriate photos of a student.

In a statement released Monday night, police said they reopened the investigation Saturday after they “were made aware that previously undisclosed information may exist that indicates evidence of criminal activity.”

Thursday, Rocky River Police said they would not pursue charges against any of the six teachers accused of talking about a student inappropriately.

“Yeah cause I saw him in the hallway,” one teacher said in a video. “He says, ‘Yeah I’m sending a picture but it’s not working,’ and I said, ‘Of what?’ and he said, ‘I took a beaver shot of *******.”

A police report from last week said the picture in question never existed; instead, a teacher sent a doctored photo of June Cleaver from “Leave it to Beaver” exposing herself in a group chat with faculty members.

Police said that prior to the decision not to press charges, investigators spent weeks gathering information, interviewing people involved in the incident (including the student the teachers were talking about), and reviewing evidence.

19 News also learned Rocky River police contacted the Cuyahoga County prosecutors’ office for search warrants during the initial investigation.

The prosecutor’s office said it was clear police were in the early stages of their investigation, and did not have enough evidence to meet the legal standard of probable cause.

The Rocky River School District is continuing their own investigation into the incident.

In a statement, the district said: “We are confident that when this investigation is completed our actions will have been entirely justified. We understand that it is difficult to wait for the conclusion of the investigation. We respectfully ask for the community’s continued patience as we are legally bound to follow specific protocols and procedures.”

Interviews with students have revealed other allegations of disturbing behavior by the teacher who sent out the doctored picture of June Cleaver.

Students told Ricky River Police the same teacher talked to students on Snapchat and made comments towards students that made them uncomfortable.

Police are asking anyone with more information surrounding the investigation to contact them anonymously at 440-895-2588.

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