Great Lakes Brewpub reopens after closing for winter season due to pandemic

Great Lakes Brewpub reopens after closing for winter season due to pandemic

CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) - After a year of reopening and closing due to COVID-19, the Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Brewpub is back open.

The pub’s manager says they’re ready to quench your thirst for an evening out.

“Every day that we’re open here, something happens that starts to feel like maybe this is starting to end,” said Allison Pryce, general manager, Great Lakes Brewpub.

The Brewpub first closed back in March of 2020, just as the pandemic enveloped our community.

The restaurant reopened this past summer, but management decided to shut the place back down in December because cases were skyrocketing again.

“It just felt like the responsible thing to do. We actually didn’t have a single sick staff member in the restaurant last year,” said Pryce.

Pryce says they opened back up the first week of spring because cases were down.

The pub is operating on limited hours because it’s short-staffed due to COVID.

“We lost a few more folks that just decided that maybe they wanted to look into a career, maybe restaurants after this trying year was not the right path for them,” Pryce added.

The pub does have some loyal staff members who decided to stay with the company no matter what.

Kevin Graham was a bartender for 16 years, but after COVID, he decided had to join the maintenance team in order to make a living.

“It really was the hardest decision I ever made,” said Graham.

Graham says he stayed at the pub because it means a lot to him and the Cleveland community.

“Because of the backbone of this company, we were able to stand up and keep moving forward, and now we’re ready to go faster and further,” Graham added.

Pryce says once they are fully staffed, the brewpub will return to its normal hours.

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